Frank Kern Video Testimonial Reaches Over 8,000 Views

Frank Kern teaching internet marketing principles

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is one of the most well known internet marketers in the entire world and has taught thousands of people how to increase their income online. Recently a very enthusiastic student of Frank Kern posted a video on Youtube giving an authentic and real video testimonial of his current success with the "Promotional Strategies Course". This video has reached over 8,000 views In this video Carl Harvey talks about how he has increased the success of his business by taking detailed notes of every video and putting the strategies into action right away.

The real beauty of the Frank Kern testimonial video is that it is as real as it gets. The video is unrehearsed and at times even a bit "unprofessional" and borderline crude. The realness of the video goes to show that real and regular people are out there following the strategies of Frank Kern to earn more money and increase their income levels through using internet marketing strategies.

Frank believes that the success of this video testimonial is due to the fact that it is being given by a real and down to earth person that is enthusiastic about the course and working hard to implement the strategies. Carl is able to connect with a broader audience because he seems "real".

"The reason that most people never succeed online is because they don’t actually take action and implement the strategies", said Kern. Frank continued to say, "if more people simply followed through like Carl has they could be enjoying that same success."

About Frank Kern: Frank currently resides in La Jolla, California spending time consulting internet entrepreneurs as well as enterprise level businesses in promotional strategies online. Follow Frank Kern on Twitter or take a look at his recent updates on his newly created Frank Kern Tumblr website.



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