If Obesity Is a Disease, Why Are So Many Obese People Healthy?

Follow @TIMEIdeas The decision of the American Medical Association (AMA) to classify obesity as a disease is great news for the pharmaceutical industry, as it is likely to increase pressure on the probiotic supplements Food and Drug Administration to approve more weight-loss drugs and increase the odds that insurance companies will reimburse their cost. But it is deeply misleading. Treating obesity as a disease implies that moving into the category of obesity, which for adults means moving from a body-mass index (BMI) of 29 to a BMI of 30, is equivalent to contracting a disease. But that is simply not the case. (MORE: Viewpoint: The New Food Police Are Out of Touch ) Yes, there are certain health risks associated with having an elevated BMI, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. More broadly, a higher BMI is associated with a greater risk of cardiometabolic abnormalities, as measured by blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose, insulin resistance and inflammation.

First Person: My Obesity Is My Disease and My Problem

I now suffer from anxiety and depression and avoid meeting new people or gathering with old friends. It is the number one challenge in my life, yet I cannot seem to conquer it. My situation is not unique. Obesity often leads to other health issues, both physical and emotional. For these reasons, in addition to the health consequences of obesity itself, recognizing it as a disease seems warranted. I disagree with the Council on Science and Public Health, however.


Heart disease deaths show dramatic decline in Europe

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In a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), male twin Vietnam veterans with PTSD were twice as likely to develop heart disease within a 13-year period, compared to veterans who did not have PTSD, Medical Daily reported. “This study provides further evidence that PTSD may affect physical health,” said Dr. Gary H. Gibbons, director of the NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Researchers analyzed the health of 340 identical twins and 222 fraternal twins who were listed in the Vietnam Era Twin Registry.

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After menopause, and as they grow older and accumulate all the risk factors, most of these women die of cardiovascular disease. But their symptoms are not that obvious, Rodriguez says. Strong fatigue and tiredness, lack of breath, nausea and dizziness are the usual first symptoms. Women tend to think that it is something related to family or work rather than to the heart and therefore do not become alert more quickly about cardiovascular disease. There are symptoms that are generally associated with cardiovascular disease, such as a severe headache, throbbing teeth, acute pain on the side, chest pain, or abdominal problems with gas or inflammation. This does not mean that you are going to have a heart attack at that moment, but these are signals that should not be overlooked, like those appearing in the upper abdominal area or nausea. These appear suddenly but are extremely important, Rodriguez says. Another symptom is a backache with tingling in your fingers. Chest pain sometimes moves to the back area. Other times to the neck and the jaw area.

Latin women at greater risk for early heart disease

“For the most part and for most countries this is good news – the death rates have come down quite substantially in the last 30 years,” said Nick Townsend of Britain’s Oxford University, who worked on the study. “But what we leptin diet don’t want to say is that the job is done, because we know by looking at trends in other conditions that they could reverse the trends we’ve worked so hard to achieve in heart disease.” According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases kill around 17 million people globally each year. Townsend’s team looked at deaths from coronary heart disease between 1980 and 2009 in both sexes and four age groups: under 45, 45 to 54, 55 to 64, and 65 years and over. They found that almost all EU countries had a large and significant decrease in death rates from heart disease over the last three decades in both men and women when all the age groups were considered together. Britain, Denmark, Malta, The Netherlands and Sweden had the largest declines in death rates for both sexes, while among men in Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, the decreases were small and not statistically significant. In Romanian men, there was a small but statistically significant increase. Although the study did not look specifically for causes, Townsend said the progress was probably mainly due to better drugs – such as statins to treat high cholesterol and anti-hypertensives to treat high blood pressure – as well as lower rates of smoking in the region overall.

Forgotten Dimension of Diabetes Revealed in DAWN2 Study

Breakthrough ‘reverse’ vaccine may help combat Type 1 diabetes

SS: From our first study to DAWN2, we see greater openness and readiness on the part of healthcare professionals to partner with their patients. There’s a marked positive shift toward valuing patient empowerment and recognizing that the person with diabetes is the expert on his condition just as the professional is an expert in providing support, coaching and knowledge. We also see the need for people with Type 2 diabetes, particularly, to speak up and get more actively engaged. Many people with Type 2 can be symptom free for years, and since few are cared for by diabetes specialists, they tend not to see their probiotic supplements condition as serious or ask questions.


Were killing the killers instead of letting the killers kill the pancreas, Steinman explained. Steinman and his team tested the vaccine on 80 patients with Type 1 diabetes, giving them weekly intramuscular injections for 12 weeks. All the participants were receiving insulin replacement therapy injections before the clinical trial. To determine the vaccines success, the researchers measured the participants C-peptide levels, a reliable marker for pancreatic beta cell function and a good proxy for insulin production.

Obesity Now a Disease, What Does that Mean for Insurance Plans?

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FOXBusiness Reuters The American Medical Association voted this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXlT978Uyss week to officially recognize obesity as a disease, which can change the way doctors treat the problem, and some Americans are wondering how the new designation might change their health insurance coverage. The AMA says obesity rates in the country have doubled among adults in the past 20 years and tripled among children in a single generation, according to FOXNews.com. The decision was made on Tuesday so the long-term impact has yet to be determined, but one large insurance provider doesnt expect it to have a big impact on plans costs or how obesity is covered. Julie Kessel, senior medical director for coverage policy with Cigna ( CI ), says the company already recognizes obesity as a chronic medical condition with complications and long-term impacts. If a patient goes to a primary-care physician for a regular check-up, and is identified as having obesity, that doctor will order tests to assess the persons risk as a result of obesity, Kessel says.

AMA declares obesity a disease

voted Tuesday to classify obesity as a disease, a decision that should prompt doctors to get more aggressive about helping patients maintain a healthy weight. (AFP PHOTO/RONALDO SCHEMIDT / June 18, 2013) Also By Melissa Healy and Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times June 18, 2013, 9:43 p.m. The American Medical Assn. voted Tuesday to declare obesity a disease, a move that effectively defines 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition requiring treatment. The nation’s leading physicians organization took the vote after debating whether the action would do more to help affected patients get useful treatment or would further stigmatize a condition with many causes and few easy fixes.

Benefits of Probiotics – Video – iHealthTube.com

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Dairy foods are a particularly great source because the shelf life of probiotics is short and can be easily destroyed by heat and acidic environments. The best known dairy food for probiotics?  Kefir.  Kefir is a creamy fermented milk product that contains several major strains of friendly bacteria and some beneficial yeasts that you can’t find in yogurt.  Although kefir does contain lactose, the live cultures within the drink act as a “pre-digestive” and typically do not cause any GI upset for those who are lactose intolerant. Other sources of probiotics, although not as ideal, include foods that use lactic acid bacteria for fermentation, which are thought to have live probiotic cultures.  This includes pickled vegetables like kimchi and sauerkraut.  If the fermented pickled vegetables don’t turn your fancy, there are many fermented soybean products that might.  Try tempeh, miso or natto.  Tempeh is firmer than tofu and can be a great low-calorie, high protein meat replacer.  Miso is much more common and found in miso soups.  Natto is a staple Japanese bean, which can be tossed with eggs, salads or rice.  Keep in mind that many of these fermented foods are high in sodium, so be aware of your total intake. Probiotic Availability With the recent popularity of the buzzword “probiotics,” many companies are jumping on the wagon and adding probiotics into everything from pizza crusts to beverages.  Proving these foods have live and active cultures is a challenge.  A study from consumerlab.com showed that many supplements tested did not contain the number of live cultures their label published.  Besides, the shelf life of live and beneficial probiotics is only 3-6 weeks when refrigerated and 12 months when freeze-dried.  The number of live organisms will also decrease during this time frame.  It’s safe to say that food products purchased with “added probiotics” should not be your only source of healthy live cultures.

If you could have a cold and creamy snack loaded with tons of #health benefits, would you? #HealthyEating

Eat yogurt for a flat stomach. Researchers from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville found that dieters who ate 18 ounces of yogurt a day while also probiotic cutting calories lost 81 percent more belly fat and 22 percent more weight than those dieting without it. Probiotics. You may have noticed your container of yogurt stating “live and active cultures” as a key component.

Notice: Users should note that this site is not a medical site and cannot replace advice from your physician or health care provider. Individual results may vary. iHealthTube encourages users to seek the advice of a qualified professional for any health concern, including supplemental nutrition.

Tea Party Turns Against Rubio at Immigration Rally

The Case Against Immigration Reform Just Got a Lot Uglier

Edward and Pauline Wisniewski — who traveled from their home near Niagara Falls, N.Y., to participate in the rally — share the same concerns. They came to warn Rubio that engaging with their own Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is a bad idea. “You don’t try to deal with Chuck Schumer,” Edward Wisniewski says.

The culture shock that he got after having taken a little nap was what the narrative of the story of Rumpelstiltskin was about. This is actually not the story of Rumpelstiltskin. The guy who took the epic nap was Rip Van Winkle . Rumpelstiltskin is hideous imp who helps a girl spin straw into gold so she escapes being executed by a king — and in return, he makes her promise to give him her first-born child. Rumpelstiltskin was not a victim, but a monster.

Report: Immigration Reform Would Boost US Economy, Finances

wages and overburden the nation’s social safety net, necessitating a boost in government spending.   In fact, the CBO report does predict a slight initial dampening of U.S. wage growth, but higher wages thereafter.  And it directly contradicts predictions of a net drain of public resources, something Senator Menendez was eager to trumpet. “The opponents of this legislation could not be more wrong,” he said. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions responded by arguing that the full costs of legalization may extend beyond the 20-year window studied by the CBO.  Fellow Republican John Cornyn highlighted a different CBO conclusion: that the Senate bill will not end illegal immigration in the United States.

Benefits of Probiotics Video Released by Fat Loss Expert; Explains Relationship Between Good and Bad Bacteria for Optimal Health

balance good and bad bacteria in the gut free cleansing foods book

Free Cleansing Foods Guide to Help Balance Healthy Bacteria in the Gut

An intestinal imbalance can cause over 170 different diseases and health-related issues, and by following the advice from Fatlossexpert.org, a healthy balance of good bacteria can be restored.

This excellent new video that has just been launched shows how a good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio of 9 to 1 can and must be achieved in order to optimize weight loss and cleanse your gut of health-derailing toxic bacteria. It explains the benefits of probiotics (healthy bacteria), to increase levels of good bacteria restoring health and eliminating toxic belly bugs which are responsible for many ailments.

The Fat Loss Expert explains how many people unknowingly suffer from an intestinal imbalance and are not achieving their weight loss goals as a result of this. With over 100 trillion living bacteria in the body and gut it is crucial to eliminate the bad and harmful bacteria and replace them with beneficial, helpful, and good bacteria. With the increasing awareness of these bacteria new products such as PRO-X10, a high quality probiotic supplement are readily available to help achieve healthy bacteria ratios within the gut.

The video gives details on how to obtain a copy of gut cleansing foods, which gives the reader tips and tricks to eliminate harmful bacteria from the body. It also introduces foods, such as artificial sweeteners, to avoid in order to maintain a healthy balance of probiotics or helpful bacteria. This short video shows that maintaining a healthy ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria is the single most important step to protect health and achieve fat loss goals.

This report to help achieve a good bacteria (probiotic) to bad bacteria ratio is available at http://fatlossexpert.org/good-bacteria-vs-bad-bacteria

About: FatLossExpert.org was launched in May of 2013 in order to educate the health and wellness community pertaining to information on healthy ways to burn fat and reviews of new products with the highest of standards. Recently Fat Loss Expert recommended a free smoothie diet that anyone can download.

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