Forgotten Dimension of Diabetes Revealed in DAWN2 Study

Breakthrough ‘reverse’ vaccine may help combat Type 1 diabetes

SS: From our first study to DAWN2, we see greater openness and readiness on the part of healthcare professionals to partner with their patients. There’s a marked positive shift toward valuing patient empowerment and recognizing that the person with diabetes is the expert on his condition just as the professional is an expert in providing support, coaching and knowledge. We also see the need for people with Type 2 diabetes, particularly, to speak up and get more actively engaged. Many people with Type 2 can be symptom free for years, and since few are cared for by diabetes specialists, they tend not to see their probiotic supplements condition as serious or ask questions.


Were killing the killers instead of letting the killers kill the pancreas, Steinman explained. Steinman and his team tested the vaccine on 80 patients with Type 1 diabetes, giving them weekly intramuscular injections for 12 weeks. All the participants were receiving insulin replacement therapy injections before the clinical trial. To determine the vaccines success, the researchers measured the participants C-peptide levels, a reliable marker for pancreatic beta cell function and a good proxy for insulin production.


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